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Click Sign Up below

See a page similar to this.

Then Click Create An Account

To Get Started Complete These Steps.

Step 1. Choose A Currency

Step 2. Select A Company Name.

This the name that will appear as a sub-domain on your check out page url

For example:

Step 3. Select A Color

or Use the Color Picker to Select a Color

Step 4. Select a Background Image.

Choose any image from the library or Search for an image that you prefer.

Don't worry, you can change the background image anytime.

Step 5. Enter Your Email Address

Step 6. Check the box To Agree to the Terms

Click Create My Account

Last Step ===>

See a page similar to this.

Secure Your Account.

Take a minute to enter your details so we can verify and secure your account to process payments.

Choose a Payment Link

It's the custom URL that you select for your splash page and will be the root URL for all your other links. Choose wisely. This can not be changed after you activate your account. It is unique to you and you only.

Add A First & Last Name

Add A First & Last Name

& Type Your Address

Start Typing Your Address

If you see your address, you can select it.

If not, you can always just type in your full street address, city, state & zip code.

Add Your Date Of Birth

Select the Day of the Month You Were Born

Select the Month You Were Born

Select the Year You Were Born

Add Your Phone Number

Add A Website If Your Have One (Optional)

OR Add any Social Media Profile URL

Adding a Website or Social Profile is Optional

Choose the Nature of your Business Industry or Sector


Choose A Password.

You can always change your password later.

If you forget your password you can always reset your password.

Click Activate My Account.


Check your email for a welcome message from us with more instructions on how to start accepting payments.

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